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                随着环保设备燃气热风炉的用户越来越多,同时一些考虑的因素也引起了大家的高度重视,比如∑ 如何使用可以降低燃料的使用率和提高燃烧率.高风温是高炉提高喷煤比、降低工序能耗、降低成本的有效措施。在实〖际生产条件下,通过热风炉技术研究和生产操作改进,开发出一系列热风炉高风温技术:余热回收、转炉煤气烧炉、富氧等新技术,提供高且稳定的热风。目前高炉风温可以长期稳定在1250℃左右,高达1 280℃,热风炉高风温技术达到国际先进水平√。
                With the increasing number of users of environmental protection equipment gas hot-blast stove, at the same time, some considerations have attracted great attention, such as how to reduce the use of fuel and improve combustion rate. High blast temperature is an effective measure to improve the coal injection ratio, reduce process energy consumption and reduce costs. Under the actual production conditions, through the technical research and production operation improvement of hot blast stove, a series of high blast temperature technologies of hot blast stove have been developed: waste heat recovery, converter gas burner, oxygen enrichment and other new technologies to provide high and stable hot air. At present, the blast temperature of blast furnace can be stabilized at about 1250 C for a long time, up to 1 280 C. The high blast temperature technology of hot blast furnace has reached the advanced international level. 为了提高热风温度是高炉增加喷煤量和降低燃料比的重要措施。燃气热风炉厂家济南宇弘热能设备有限公司着重探讨了为提高热风炉风温水平,应采取的合理热风炉结构,在高温区〗采用硅砖及纠正热风管道系统存在的问题。
                In order to increase hot air temperature, it is an important measure to increase coal injection rate and reduce fuel ratio in blast furnace. Jinan Yuhong Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., a gas-fired hot stove manufacturer, emphatically discusses the reasonable structure of hot stove, the use of silicon brick in high temperature zone and the correction of the problems existing in hot air pipeline system in order to improve the air temperature level of hot stove.

                The manufacturer of gas hot blast stove introduced the process of obtaining 1200 high blast temperature with independent intellectual property rights by using low calorific value gas in high temperature air combustion technology. The introduction, development and application of large, diversified and high efficiency hot blast stoves for blast furnaces were introduced. The progress of theoretical research on metallurgical equipment, refractories, baking and heat preservation technology and mathematical model of hot blast stove is briefly introduced. The concepts and main characteristics of ecological hot stove and green hot stove are put forward.

                According to the situation of hot blast stoves at home and abroad, the design objective of high blast temperature and longevity hot blast stoves in China is put forward: air temperature 1250 C, service life 25-30 years. In order to achieve this goal, Jinan Yuhong Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., a gas-fired hot stove manufacturer, suggests that the following tasks should be done well: developing new high-efficiency lattice bricks; paying attention to preventing intergranular stress corrosion; increasing the requirement of thermal stability for refractories while strictly requiring creep; improving the design of hot air pipeline system; and setting up functions. Good automatic control system.

                During winter construction in severe cold areas, Jinan Yuhong Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., a gas-fired hot stove manufacturer, has upgraded and improved the environment-friendly clean hot stove in order to ensure the construction quality and install the environment-friendly clean hot stove in the greenhouse for heating. The heat source is conveyed by the hot air pipe, and the exhaust time is intelligently controlled by computer. The temperature in the greenhouse is above 7 degrees, and the cleaning ring is cleaned. Guarantee, safe production and quality.


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