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                The so-called hot blast stove is a commonly used thermal power machine in people's life. It was not widely used in China until modern times. It is a new product of industrial and mining enterprises after electric heat source and traditional steam power source. It has a very wide range of applications and serves people's production and life. Therefore, in the field of hot blast stove is also seeking change, which is the application of hot air blower in drying and baking under the support of high-tech, especially in the field of grain, food and various materials drying, so that people can be proficient in the field of material drying. 
                1. Classification of Hot Blast Furnace

                In daily use, there are many kinds of hot blast stoves, and they have a series of characteristics. They can be basically divided into two ways of obtaining heat: hand-burning and machine-burning. In the use of fuel, they can be basically divided into coal, oil and gas stoves and other types of centralized heating, which is what people call centralized heating.

                In the long-term use practice, only by using hot air as medium and carrier can the hot blast stove greatly improve its thermal utilization rate and thermal work efficiency.

                2. Importance of Hot Stove

                Most of the hot stoves are equipped with many circulating fans in the transmission of electric heat source and steam heat power source, which eventually indirectly forms the state of hot air drying and heating. In this way, there is a waste of energy, but also caused by the excessive allocation of equipment, especially caused by the hot air fan process is too complex shortcomings. The biggest problem is that the heat source needs high temperature, and when the drying and baking temperatures are high, there is nothing to do. The JDC spiral fin hot air stove developed under the support of modern high-tech is a new application in the new field.


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