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                What are the technical advantages of biomass hot stove? As the haze is getting worse and worse, the air quality is also declining, so the state has put forward many control programs. In addition, more and more households use hot stoves for heating, while generating a lot of waste gas, but the use of biomass hot stoves will not have this problem, its fuel belongs to low-carbon fuel, burning for a long time, easy to control and clean environmental protection. Today, let's talk about its advantages and hope to help our friends. 生物质蒸△汽发作用具有连锁平安维护功用,保证产质量量及顾客利◎益。生物质蒸汽发作用具有一步到位的全自动控制。只需求将@水、电接好,按下开◥关键,生物质热风炉便自动进入全自动运转形态,平安◣更省心。生物质热风炉属于国度免检,免除了冗杂的报批年审手续。生物质热风炉所用燃料爲节能环保的生物质颗粒燃料,属于节能环保的可再●生材料,来源普遍,经济实惠、容易处置;生物质热风炉供热具有清洁环保经济适用的特点。生物质热风炉既做到了环保★,也使『得生物质燃料熄灭后的灰分被回收做爲钾肥,完成了资源的再∮续应用。生物质热风炉出厂爲组合式零件,装置简便
                The biomass steam generator has the function of chain safety maintenance to ensure the quality of production and the interests of customers. The biomass steam generator has one-step automatic control. Only by connecting water and electricity well and pressing the switch key, the biomass hot blast stove will automatically enter the fully automatic operation mode, which is safer and more worry-free. The biomass hot stove is exempted from national inspection and the cumbersome annual approval procedures are exempted. The fuel used in biomass hot-blast stove is energy-saving and environmental-friendly biomass granular fuel, which belongs to renewable materials of energy-saving and environmental protection. It has a wide range of sources, is economical and easy to dispose of. The heating of biomass hot-blast stove has the characteristics of clean, environmental protection and economic applicability. The biomass hot blast stove not only achieves environmental protection, but also makes the ash after the biomass fuel is extinguished be recycled as potassium fertilizer, and completes the re-application of resources. The biomass hot blast stove is manufactured as a combined part with simple installation.


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