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                Gas Hot Stove: Several common misunderstandings when customers consult the price of gas hot stove! In recent years, with the continuous intensification of haze, the government began to take measures. This year's large-scale coal-fired hot stove is the government's efforts to alleviate the haze crisis. The reformed gas hot stove has become the main heating equipment, and the price of gas hot stove has become the primary concern of customers when they purchase gas hot stove. Object. However, according to the factories of Hefei Gas Hot Blast Furnace, some enterprises have some misunderstandings when consulting the price of gas hot blast stove. At the beginning, they ask the price of gas hot blast stove. But the price of a hot blast stove is influenced by the tonnage, fuel, brand, auxiliary machine and transportation location, etc. So this paper will discuss the problem. Analysis of the following customers in the consultation of gas hot stove price common misunderstandings: 1、在咨询燃气热风炉价格时只单纯的问燃气热风炉多少钱:如果只询问一台热风炉的价格时没有办法报价的,需要客户说明具体的型号压力等相关数据,结构组成不同、所用材质规格不同、流程组合不同,它们的价格是不具备可比性的,而且在使用过程〓中所表现出来的工作性能也会有很大差距。
                1. When consulting the price of gas-fired hot stove, only ask how much the gas-fired hot stove costs. If there is no way to quote a price when only asking the price of one hot stove, it is necessary for the customer to specify the specific model pressure and other related data. The price of the gas-fired hot stove is not available because of different structure, different material specifications and different process combinations. Comparability, and in the use of the performance shown in the process will also have a large gap.

                2. Gas stoves also need to be considered comprehensively. The same thing, which one to buy cheaply, is often wrong. We should be good at comprehensive comparison. We should refer to technological power, manufacturing capacity, corporate reputation, after-sales service, etc. Otherwise, the loss will be greater, and it will be easy to draw some wrong conclusions.


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